Gray Street/Findlay Avenue Intersection to become All-Way Stop Wednesday

Drivers can expect the following upgrades on Gray Street and Findlay Avenue on Wednesday, September 8:

  • The intersection of Gray Street and Findlay Avenue will become an “All-Way Stop” or “4-Way Stop” with stop signs on each leg of the intersection. The intersection is currently a 2-Way Stop for traffic on Findlay Avenue.
  • Existing Cross “Traffic Does Not Stop” plaques on the Findlay Avenue approaches will be removed and replaced with “All-Way Stop” plaques.
  • Stop Ahead signs will be added to both Gray Street approaches to Findlay Avenue.
  • Existing pedestrian crossing signs on Gray Street will be removed to make way for the new Stop signs.
  • Flags and other apparatus designed to draw attention will accompany each new sign associated with the change in control.

These changes are the result of a recent request to improve traffic safety at the intersection. Following standard procedures, this request was evaluated and found to meet the City’s Traffic Code for an All-Way Stop.

Questions regarding the changes can be directed to David Riesland, Public Works Transportation Engineer, at 405-217-7762 or [email protected].