Citywide Asphalt Preventive Maintenance to soon begin

Asphalt preventive maintenance activities are slated to begin 8/9/22 in Broce Industrial Park (Bart Connor Drive, Broce Drive, and Broce Court). This is the first of several areas that will receive an asphalt preventive maintenance treatment.  Asphalt preventive maintenance is a relatively inexpensive treatment utilized to seal the surface of asphalt pavement thus extending the life of the pavement.  Innovative Roadway Solutions, a contractor for the City of Norman, will be performing the described work. 


Additional areas/streets included with this project and the estimated dates of treatment are:





Crossroads West

Creekwood Court

August 11-13


Cove Hollow Court



Woodsboro Court



Woodsboro Drive



Greenwood Court



Greenwood Drive



Pheasant Run Drive


Quailbrook – River Oaks

Red Oaks Drive

August 15-17


Piney Oak Drive



Evergreen Cicle



Kensington Road



Willow Branch Road



Quail Ridge Road



Bluestem Circle


Original Townsite

E. Comanche Street

August 17-20


E. Symmes Street



E. Apache Street



Aniol Avenue



Reed Avenue



E. Linn Street



S. Ponca Avenue



S. Stewart Avenue



S. Cockrel Avenue



S. Carter Ave.


Alameda Park – Crestland Estates

David Court

August 22-26


Jackson Drive



Paul Court



Teresa Drive



Morren Drive



Barb Drive and Court



Vanessa Drive



Cindy Avenue



Crestland Drive



Crest Court and Place



Traffic will be maintained with traffic control devices in place to safely guide the travelling public through or around the work zone.  Access to properties will be maintained throughout the project except at times of direct conflict.  The contractor will contact individual property owners when access may be limited.  Alternate routes are advised.


Dates are tentative and based on weather and material availability.


Questions about the construction may be directed to 405-329-2524 or