Part of the National Fitness Campaign – A Nationwide Initiative to Plan and Build Healthy Infrastructure

Opening Day Launch Event on OCT 15 @ 3PM

On October 15, the City of Norman will unveil its newest quality of life addition at Frances Cate Park, a sleek and modern outdoor Fitness Court® with a supporting mobile app. This Community Development Block Grant funds (CDBG) project is a featured part of a 2020 initiative launched by National Fitness Campaign (NFC), a nationwide consulting organization that partners with cities and schools to plan, build and fund healthy infrastructure.

This year, the City of Norman and dozens of other select recipients from around the country were awarded a $30,000 grant from NFC to help support the program. In addition to the CDBG grant funding, a city match using Neighborhood Improvement Capital Funds were contributed to make the project possible in Norman.

“We’ve been excited about getting this Fitness Court built in the community for a while now and are happy to be able to use CDBG funds on a project that will add such a healthy and fun element to our park system”, said Lisa Kreig, Grants Manager

The new Fitness Court® at Frances Cate Park is an open-air wellness center that allows users to leverage their own body weight to get a complete workout. Created with adults of all ages in mind, the Fitness Court is adaptable for all fitness levels. New users can also download the free Fitness Court App — a coach-in-your-pocket style platform — that transforms the outdoor gym into a digitally supported wellness ecosystem. The Fitness Court App, entitled “Fitness Court”, is available for iOS and Android.

National Fitness Campaign developed the trademarked seven-station system in 2012 hoping to inspire municipalities to transform public spaces into community fitness hubs. There are currently 100 active Fitness Court locations across the country, and the Campaign will reach a total of 250 cities and schools by the end of 2020.

“Frances Cate has great amenities already and now we’ll have even more here for residents to enjoy. I can’t wait to see Normanites of all ages and fitness groups try out the 7 minute circuit on the Fitness Court, anyone can do it and it’s so much fun”, said Jason Olsen, Parks and Recreation Director.

Residents are invited to attend an Opening Day Launch Event on October 15 at 3:00 p.m. to try the Fitness Court® and learn about upcoming community wellness events and programming. For more information, visit us on Facebook or contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (405) 366-5472. You can also view the new Fitness Court® on the Frances Cate Park webpage.


About NFC

National Fitness Campaign (NFC) is a social enterprise – founded in San Francisco, California in 1979 – that specializes in funding, activating and promoting healthy infrastructure through partnerships with cities and schools. Now operating in over 150 cities, NFC's unique program delivers consulting services and an integrated wellness initiative to communities, centered on the world’s best outdoor gym: The Fitness Court®. Our mission is to design healthy infrastructure for cities to improve the quality of life for people. Learn more about NFC at and follow us on social @NatFitCampaign.

NFC PRESS CONTACT: Cree Larson. 415-702-4919.