City of Norman Parks and Recreation Department Partners with Cleveland County Health Department for Mosquito Safety and Population Control

NORMAN, Okla. (July 14, 2021) – The City of Norman Parks and Recreation Department and Cleveland County Health Department have partnered to help curtail the City’s growing mosquito population and raise awareness of ways to prevent their spread within the community.

After record rainfall in June, Norman has seen an increase in the mosquito population, including flood mosquitos. In response, the City is activating its Vector (Mosquito) Monitoring program, which identifies 14 districts across Norman that will receive daily monitoring through the use of light-based mosquito traps.

If a trap captures 50 or more female mosquitos, a notice will be issued to the public. Following this notice, the City and Cleveland County Health Department will host a community pop-up event in the impacted district to ensure easy access to free larvicide, mosquito safety education and additional mosquito prevention resources.

“Because mosquitos are so dependent on the weather and local conditions, a targeted approach to mosquito prevention can have a significant impact. Providing education and increasing access to free larvicide to individuals in our communities gives them a greater ability to change the mosquito population in their own neighborhoods, and reduce the risk of mosquito-borne illnesses,” Amy Allen, Environmental Health Supervisor at the Cleveland County Health Department said.

Flood mosquitos’ eggs are often laid on the soil surface at the edge of standing water, like low areas along creeks or drainage ditches, or even clogged rain gutters. While flood mosquito adults die quickly in hot weather, and higher temperatures can evaporate pools too soon for eggs to hatch, plenty of eggs are laid to populate the next generation of mosquitos.  Female mosquitos are most active at dusk and dawn. Male mosquitos do not bite.

In addition to the Vector Monitoring program, the City of Norman will continue treating areas like ponds, drain ditches and retention ponds with larvicide (Summit B.T.I. Briquets) based on recommendations from Cleveland County Health Department officials. These efforts help decrease mosquito populations by preventing larvae from molting into adult mosquitoes. An effective way to control mosquitos, the larvicide used is non-hazardous to humans, animals, and pollinating insects.

“The City is excited to partner with the Cleveland County Health Department to assist with our mosquito program in Norman. Even though the mosquito program may look a little different now than in the past, the health and wellbeing of our residents and neighbors is the most important thing when dealing with these pests,” Jason Olsen, Director of Parks and Recreation with the City of Norman said.

District mosquito counts from the Vector Monitoring program will be made public on the City’s website every Friday beginning July 16 and ending in September. For more information about Norman’s Vector Monitoring Program, please visit

Joint Press Release: The City of Norman and Cleveland County Health Department