City of Norman and Campus Corner Association Announce Holiday Parking Promotions

In partnership with the Campus Corner Association, the City of Norman is pleased to announce two new temporary parking initiatives for December and January intended to benefit merchants and customers in the district.

The first initiative is to offer free parking on Saturdays on all metered spaces on Campus Corner to encourage residents to visit the historic commercial district during the holiday shopping season and the University of Oklahoma’s winter break.

The second initiative is to designate nine parking spots around the Campus Corner district for curbside pick-up for all merchants in the district. Of the nine designated spots selected by the Campus Corner Association board, four are located on Boyd Street, and five are located on Asp Avenue. Each designated spot will have temporary signage indicating the space number and a 15-minute parking limit.

“This request came to the City of Norman from the merchants themselves as a creative way to boost the business district-wide during this difficult year. Curbside pick-up has become an important strategy adopted by many businesses as a safer alternative to dining-in or shopping in-person. As virtual learning began at the University after the Thanksgiving holiday and their winter break is one week longer than usual, merchants in the district have already begun to see a decline in foot traffic. The City of Norman is happy to fulfill this request to aid our local businesses during this time,” said Sara Kaplan, Retail Marketing Coordinator for the City of Norman.

Both promotions will begin Saturday, December 12, through the end of January 2021.

For additional information regarding the initiatives, please contact the Campus Corner Association at [email protected] and follow the Campus Corner Association on social media for updates.