Citizens Reminded to follow Odd/Even Water Usage

The City of Norman has been notified by its vendor Airgas they are experiencing a large increase in demand for liquid oxygen (LOX). LOX is used by many municipal water agencies. Air Gas is declaring a Force Majeure as of August 26, 2021:

Due to significant escalations in hospitalization resulting from the spread of the Delta Variant of COVID-19, hospitals in portions of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas have been purchasing large quantities of oxygen products. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities caring for patients in need of essential medical treatments such as high-flow oxygen therapy and ventilator support are receiving priority service from such vendors resulting in a reduction in the amount of oxygen products available to municipal water agencies. 

The Campbell Water Treatment Plant uses liquid oxygen (LOX) to form ozone which is used in the treatment of drinking water. The ozone treatment is used to treat for taste and odor in drinking water and has other treatment benefits. 

Airgas has asked municipalities within the region to remind their customers to strictly follow Odd/Even water usage and to ask their communities to reduce consumption during this time of oxygen shortage. 

Norman residents will continue to receive safe, high quality drinking water during this time. Customers may notice an increase in the taste and odor due to a reduction in ozone treatment.

If you have any further questions regarding your water, please contact the Water Treatment Plant at 405-321-2182 or visit the Norman Water Treatment Plant webpage.