Change in Traffic Control at Tecumseh Road & 48th Avenue NE

Change to occur on Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Upon receipt of an inquiry into the safety of the intersection of Tecumseh Road and 48th Avenue NE, an appropriate intersection evaluation was undertaken using the tools available in the City’s Traffic Code.  The evaluation involved the collection of traffic volumes, researching collision history, and evaluating intersection sight distance.  In accordance with the City’s Traffic Code, all of these elements are critical factors to be evaluated when considering this type of change in control.  The results of the evaluation provided the City with the documentation necessary to recommend conversion to all-way STOP control.

“This intersection is located just over the crest of a hill on Tecumseh Road.  The hills crest, located just west of the intersection, limits the availability of motorists on either approach of 48th Ave NE to see traffic approaching from the west,” said David Riesland, Transportation Engineer for the City of Norman. “The conversion to all-way STOP control will result in a much safer situation for all road users.”

The change in control will take place on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.  The change will add ALL WAY plaques beneath existing STOP signs as well as STOP signs with ALL WAY plaques on the Tecumseh Rd approaches that previously did not stop.  The change will also add Stop Ahead signs on the previously uncontrolled approaches.  All signs will feature flags to draw attention to the change in control.  The flags along with any Stop Ahead signs with clear view of the STOP signs will be removed 60 days after installation.

Questions may be directed to or 405.217.7762.