Asphalt Pavement Maintenance on Classen Blvd from Lindsey Street to South 2400

Monday, October 11, Silver Star Construction will begin Asphalt Pavement Maintenance on Classen Boulevard from Lindsey Street to the South 2400 Block of Classen Boulevard. This work is expected to last for a duration of 10 days and will include moderate traffic impacts. Alternate routes are advised during this construction.

Questions about the construction may be directed to Joseph Hill, Streets Program Manager, at 405-329-2524 or [email protected].


History of the Project

On Tuesday, April 6, 2021, Norman residents voted to approve the issuance of $27 million in bonds to fund the resurfacing, rehabilitation and reconstruction of neighborhood streets as part of a 5-year, 5-category program. The five categories include (1) Urban Asphalt Street Rehabilitation, (2) Urban Concrete Street Rehabilitation, (3) Urban Road Reconstruction, (4) Rural Road Rehabilitation, and (5) Preventative Maintenance. Prior to the election, the City provided a list of all streets included in the program based upon the pavement condition data from the City’s current Pavement Management System. The following is the list of the FYE 2022 Urban Asphalt Pavement project locations included in this project:

  • Sunset Addition Iowa St. (N. Sherry Ave. / 1512 Iowa St.)
  • Classen-Miller Addition Classen Blvd. (Alameda St. / Enid St.) Classen Blvd. (Lindsey St. / S. 1700 Blk)
  • Parsons Addition Flood Ave. (Main St. / Symmes St.) Flood Ave. (Symmes St. / Boyd St.)
  • Oakridge Addition Pickard Ave. (Elmwood Dr. / Lindsey St.)
  • Berkley Addition Bishops Ct. (Astor Dr. / Cul-de-Sac)
  • Franklin Rd. (48th Ave NW / Interstate 35)

This project involves rehabilitation of the existing pavement including milling, deep patching, overlaying with new asphalt, and crack sealing where necessary. On Tuesday July 13, 2021, Norman City Council approved Contract K-2122-4 with Silver Star Construction Company to complete the above listed work.