Annual CDBG community survey now available online

To identify needs of low and moderate income citizens in Norman

An annual community survey conducted through the City of Norman Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) is available for citizens to complete online for the first time this year. The survey is used as an indicator of needs for low and moderate income citizens within the city of Norman.


“The CDBG program is founded upon a robust citizen participation process, which determines what priorities are for each community,” said Lisa Krieg, CDBG Grants Manager. “We encourage our community members to share their feedback and opinions with us so needs are accurately identified to set us up in the best position to address them.” Krieg said the survey will be used to “start the conversation.”


It will be available through Dec. 31 and then followed by a public hearing on Jan. 5 in which results will be discussed and additional input will be heard and recorded. Subsequent discussion by a CDBG Policy Committee will then be had as the process to set funding by priorities is worked through by the committee and staff. Final approval of funding decisions will be set by Norman City Council in Spring 2022.


Click here to access the survey. 


Hard copy surveys can be made available to citizens upon request. Nonprofit and organizational partnerships will be utilized to help foster participation.


The CDBG Program, a federal program of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, supports development activities at a local level to build strong and more resilient community. Learn more at