Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator Role

The City of Norman has aligned the functions and responsibilities of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator role under the Diversity and Equity Office.

The City of Norman has maintained this role since 1990, when the law was passed by Congress. Shawn O’ Leary, Director of Public Works, has led the function of ADA Coordinator over the last fourteen years. “We are proud of the work Mr. O’Leary has contributed in this area to advance the commitment of ADA accessibility, transition plans, and support,” said Darrel Pyle, City Manager. As the city grows its capacity for focused inclusion programs, ADA will now be supported through the Diversity and Equity Office. The functions which will transfer over include, but are not limited to, the ADA Citizen Advisory Committee, ADA Staff Liaison Committee, and the ADA Transportation Subcommittee. These committees are staffed by ADA Technician, Jesse Hill, who will now report to Cinthya Allen.  

“We are committed to continue providing the thorough level of support and progress-focused approach to stay on track with our transition and accessibility plans,” said Cinthya Allen, Chief Diversity & Equity Officer, “we are grateful for a great team and engaged committee members.”

If you have any accessibility questions or concerns, please contact the City’s ADA Technician at (405) 366-5424. The City will make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.