Adoption of the Go Norman Transit Plan

On Tuesday, June 22, 2021 the City of Norman City Council adopted the Go Norman Transit Plan. The Go Norman Transit Plan is a roadmap for optimizing and expanding transit service within the City of Norman, providing detailed and prioritized recommendations for service improvements and expansion. The plan is the outcome of a nearly year-long study that included a comprehensive review of the City of Norman’s existing transit service and numerous community engagement activities.

“The Go Norman Transit Plan will serve as a priceless tool for the City of Norman”, said Taylor Johnson, Transit and Parking Program Manager, “We are approaching the two year anniversary of the City of Norman taking over the operations of the City transit service. Over the last two years, there have been major question marks about what transit service will look like in the future. With the Go Norman Transit Plan, we now have actionable next steps to create a more efficient and user friendly transit system for Norman.”

City staff will begin working on the next steps in the near future, bringing in the public and relevant stakeholders throughout the process.

For more information on transit in Norman and to view the Go Norman Transit Plan, please visit