Additional resident information for disposing of storm-related debris

The City of Norman is continuing its recovery process in the wake of the July 11, 2020 storm that caused damage in Norman.

The City's on-call debris removal contractor TFR Enterprises, Inc. of Leander, Texas will assist City staff in conducting the debris removal process. In order to remove the fallen vegetation and storm debris the City will provide debris removal from the street right-of-way, generally the area 15 feet behind the edge of the street, beginning on Friday, July 17, 2020. Residential areas eligible for debris removal must be located in area of greatest impact as depicted in the attached map. This is generally the area from 48th Avenue West to 48th Avenue East and from the northern city limit to the southern city limit. 


General Removal Guidelines:

  • Crews have begun working within the City rights-of-way to remove storm related debris and cut down and remove any damaged limbs that may impact the public right-of-way.


  • Weather permitting, the first pass of debris removal from the July 11 storm will begin on Friday, July 17 and is expected to be completed by Wednesday, July 29.


  • Weather permitting, the second and final pass of debris removal will begin on Thursday, July 30 and is expected to be completed by Friday, August 7.


  • Norman residents are asked to place any storm-generated debris from this event on the public right-of-ways. Please do not place debris in the road, on sidewalks, or within 25 feet of an intersection as this can cause a safety issue. Residential areas eligible for debris removal must be located in the areas of Norman as depicted on the attached map.


  • The public right-of-way is the area of residential property that extends from the street to the sidewalk, ditch, utility pole or easement. Residents should make every effort to place debris along the public street rights-of-way or drainage channels. This should include vegetative and other storm debris such as fence panels. This material should be cut in approximately 8- foot to 12-foot lengths and stacked in piles along the right-of-way or within five feet of the curb or edge of roadway. Do not bag these items.


  • Bagged debris should not be placed on the public right-of-way; only loose debris will be collected. Bagged debris will be collected on the normal yard waste collection schedule.


  • Only residential properties in the area of Norman, as depicted on the attached map, are eligible for debris removal.


  • No commercial or industrial properties will be provided debris removal services by the City of Norman. This material can be disposed of at the City of Norman Compost Facility located at 398 Bratcher Miner Road if the limbs are no longer than 4 foot lengths and 2 inches in diameter at no cost. Larger debris may be disposed of for a fee at the City's Solid Waste Transfer Station located at 3901 Chautauqua Avenue.


  • Do not place debris near mail boxes, poly carts, water meter vaults, gas meters, fire hydrants or any other above-ground utility.


  • Only debris placed on the public right-of-way will be eligible for collection. Do not place debris in alleys for collection.


  • During the debris removal process, City contractors will collect debris along the street right-of ways.


  • Residents may experience increased traffic, temporary road closures or delays on some streets where these contractors are working. Contractors will have flag persons and signage displayed to alert you of their operations. Please be cautious when passing and travel at slow speeds in these areas.


  • Weekly household garbage and yard waste collection will continue its normal schedule. Limbs no larger than 2 inches in diameter, bundled in 4 foot lengths will be picked up by the City Sanitation Division. Larger items can be taken to the City Transfer Station located at 3901 S. Chautauqua Avenue or the City Compost Facility located at 398 Bratcher Miner Road. Please place the bags of yard waste along the curb as usual, but keep separate from the storm debris.


  • Storm debris from the July 11 event such as large diameter vegetation or fence panels will be accepted at the Transfer Station located at 3901 S. Chautauqua Avenue from residents outside of the scheduled storm debris pick-up area. There will be no charge for residential customers for this service from July 17 to July 25 with trash bill.


  • Yard waste drop off is always free for Norman residents at the Compost Facility at 398 Bratcher Miner Road. Limbs should be no larger than 2 inches in diameter. 


  • All residential neighborhoods in the areas of Norman, as depicted on the attached map, which receive regular city services, are eligible for debris removal. In other words, debris removal will be provided to residential properties located on public and private streets, provided that those properties receive city services such as sanitation or water.


  • Residents are asked to remove parked cars or other obstructions from the public street when the debris contractor is working.


Please check the City of Norman Website for additional information and updates on the debris removal process.

July 11 storm debris removal map