Accessibility to storm debris piles necessary for pickup

Operations to wrap up April 8, 2023

Last passes of storm debris removal are underway in Norman, following instruction for final setouts this week. Residents are kindly reminded of program instruction and details; the program is scheduled to end on April 8, 2023. The City of Norman appreciates the coordination and cooperation of all Normanites affected. Please note the following:

  • Pickup continues in zoned areas and must be separated properly in the right-of-way to be eligible for removal.
  • In order to be picked up, debris piles cannot be blocked by personal or contractor vehicles.
  • Disposal of debris created as a result of demolition or rebuilding processes is the responsibility of the property owner; such debris is ineligible for pickup as part of the City’s program.

Questions may be directed to 405.329.2524.