Custodian (PPT)

Salary: $14.61 per hour
Shift: 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
Recruitment Period: Open Until Filled

Job Description

This job classification has been designated as a safety sensitive job classification in accordance with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act, 63 O.S., § 427.1 et seq., (OSCN 2019), effective August 29, 2019.   This means employees in this job classification can be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination if they test positive for marijuana components or metabolites, even if they possess a medical marijuana license.

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Education and Experience:  A high school diploma or GED preferred. 

Knowledge ofCleaning methods, procedures, materials, chemicals, products, equipment, occupational hazards, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (MSDS), and safety practices.  

Skills:  Operating equipment used in cleaning, waxing, and stripping floors.  Safe operation of equipment; safe use of hand tools, chemicals, and other cleaning materials.  Effective verbal, listening, and written communication skills.  Time management skills to perform daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled duties.  Interpersonal skills necessary to be courteous of employees and the public while performing duties.  

Duties and Responsibilities: Cleans offices, meeting rooms, hallways, lobbies, and entries. Vacuums, shampoos, and steam cleans carpets; sweeps, mops, strips, waxes, and burnishes floors; dusts and polishes furniture; etc.; cleans mirrors, tables, fixtures, blinds, etc. Washes windows, walls, metal, and woodwork; cleans entrances and exits including glass, doors, and hardware. Cleans and sanitizes restrooms using established practices and procedures; washes and disinfects all restroom floors, toilets, toilet seats, sinks, and fixtures; cleans restroom walls and toilet partitions; replenishes paper towel, toilet tissue and hand soap in all dispensers. Cleans and disinfects drinking fountains; cleans break room floors, sinks, and counters. Empties all waste baskets and garbage cans and relines cans with liners; places garbage in outside refuse container.  Performs general equipment and hand tool maintenance duties as required; replaces vacuum bags and changes belts and brushes; reports needed maintenance or repairs. Operates auto scrubber, burnisher, extractor, and other floor maintenance equipment using established operational and safety practices and procedures. Secures storage areas, ensures cleaning materials, supplies, and equipment are maintained and stored in a safe and orderly manner; maintains an adequate supply of cleaning materials and supplies; restocks materials and supplies; reports need for equipment repairs. Performs other related duties as required. 

Working Conditions:  Work is performed in an indoor and outdoor environment with travel from site to site; frequent exposure to dirt, dust, extremes of temperature, noise, and noxious fumes, odors, chemicals, solvents, and bodily fluids.  Some cleaning may require use of a stepstool and/or ladder.

Mental and Physical Abilities:  Ability to maintain regular, predictable and punctual attendance.  Ability to understand and follow verbal and written instructions clearly and concisely.  Ability to concentrate and pay close attention to detail.  Ability to work independently with little supervision.  Manual dexterity sufficient to manipulate cleaning supplies and equipment.  Ability to lift and carry moderately heavy (up to75 lb.) cleaning supplies frequently. Work requires continued walking, pushing, stooping, standing, and some climbing. 

Additional Information:  Selected applicant must pass background investigation, physical examination, and drug screen.

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