City of Norman Transit Service Changes Effective October 16, 2023

Monday, Oct 16, 2023
6:57 AM
City of Norman Transit Center
Map of fixed route bus service as of October 2023

The City of Norman is implementing transit service changes effective October 16, 2023. This follows the completion of the public participation process in Fall 2022 and approval from City Council in December 2022. Service changes follow recommendations identified in the Go Norman Transit Plan, the City’s long-range transit plan, and have been made in respect to community feedback received.

Changes include route modifications to the entire route network, installation of 59 new bus stops, retiring of 51 current bus stops, and the opening of the City’s first Transit Center at 320 E. Comanche Street.

“I encourage everyone to become familiar with these changes that will be effective October 16,” said Taylor Johnson, Transit and Parking Program Manager. “After many years of planning and discussion, our community is now on the edge of making transit system improvements that include a bidirectional route network and opening a Norman Transit Center with modern amenities.”

City staff welcome opportunities to speak to organizations or groups about the transit route changes. Speaking requests or questions may be directed to the City’s Transit and Parking Division at 405-307-7219 or

More information about the route changes and the accompanying Transit Center project can be found at:

Bus Transit Service Changes

Location Details

City of Norman Transit Center
320 E Comanche St.
Norman, OK 73069