Earth Day Festival 2023

Small Earth Day Festival Poster April 23 Reaves Park

Reaves Park - 2501 Jenkins Ave.
April 23, 2023 - Noon to 5:00 PM

Hello Earth Day partners! Please join us for a fun-filled afternoon in Reaves Park for Norman’s 2023 Earth Day Festival on Sunday, April 23rd, noon to 5:00 p.m.

Don’t miss this opportunity to share your message by providing a kids’ hands-on activity, exhibit or demonstration. Teach the importance of respecting and protecting our earth’s air, water, soil, forests, wildlife and all natural resources; teach about the wonder and beauty of nature, the value of a healthy community, a backyard wildlife habitat, art from recycled objects, cultural diversity and respect for one another…the list goes on and on! Be creative! Make it fun! Games and door prizes are encouraged!

There is no charge for booth space unless you are selling items, and the entire event is FREE and open to the public! You will not be able to sell any products or goods to the public unless a vendor fee ($50) is paid; however, you can promote your business. If you are interested in selling products please talk to Lisa Griggs or Michele Loudenback.
Thank you!

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A limited number of electric outlets and stationary picnic tables are available on a first-requested basis. Tents, tables, and chairs are not provided but can be rented through Parks on a first-come first served basis. The fee is $100 and covers up to two chairs, one table, and one tent.
To reserve booth space, electricity or equipment, please return this form by April 10, 2023, by submitting it one of three ways:
By mail: EDF Registration, Environmental Services, P.O. Box 370, Norman, Oklahoma 73070
By fax: (405) 292-9793
By email:
By webform:

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