City Surveyor

Salary: $27.08 - $38.97 per hour
Shift: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
Recruitment Period: Open Until Filled

Job Description

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Education and Experience:  Associate of Applied Science in Surveying Technology or equivalent.  

Licenses and Certifications: Licensed Professional Land Surveyor in the State of Oklahoma.  Valid state driver's license and satisfactory motor vehicle record. 

Knowledge:  Engineering standards, design principles, and alternatives in assigned work areas.  Computer-aided drafting and design (CADD) techniques.  Engineering maps and records.  Survey techniques, instruments and tools.  Available data sources for information required on construction plans.  City of Norman geography.  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) computer software.   

Skills:  Efficient, accurate, and complete disposition of survey projects.  Relating technical written information to drawings.  Performing mathematical computations utilizing trigonometry, geometry and algebra.  Using computer-aided drafting and design (CADD) software for plotting, tracing, and preparing topographical information, routine maps and engineering plans.  Analytical abilities to interpret data, recognize discrepancies contained in data, and correct or determine the cause of discrepancies.  Interpersonal skills necessary to effectively lead subordinates, resolve minor complaints, and deal with day to day occurrences.  Oral and written communication.

Duties and Responsibilities:  Reads and reviews various codes, journals, technical manuals, reports, legal documents and/or files in order to obtain information needed for assigned projects; records notes as required.  Reads and reviews engineering texts, charts, and graphs to determine applicable standards necessary to drafting projects.  Summarizes the activities of the Survey and Design Section in a monthly report submitted to the City Council.  Writes and interprets legal descriptions of property lines and boundaries for use in property dispositions or extension and easement placement; obtains information from plats, courthouse files, or actual physical field measurement.  Serves in the capacity of Survey Crew Chief on field surveys; leads actions related to land surveying and field layout; trains crew members in the operation of survey equipment, and general surveying techniques.  Selects field equipment most appropriate for survey in order to obtain the most accurate measurements.  Maintains notes, operates transits, levels, planimeters, camera, plumb bobs, and dip needles as needed during surveys to secure information necessary for plotting the survey area.  Determines horizontal and vertical controls, elevations, depths, grades, and slopes of land for use in the drafting of plans of the area, locating construction markers, etc.  Sets/replaces grade stakes, hubs, chaining pins, and ribbon for streets, curbs, sidewalks, parking lots, and water and sewer lines for use as construction/location markers.  Drafts construction plans, specifications, proposals, and contracts for Public Works projects following the standard engineering and/or city guidelines and procedures as directed by the City Engineer, Capital Projects Engineers, and supervisor.  Sketches freehand and/or draws plans for proposed construction projects and/or utility lines incorporating information from surveying notes; drafts into final form when approved by supervisor. Plots topographical information including plans, cross sections and profiles, and plots line locations and land use information as needed and for reference purposes. Performs mathematical computations with assembled data in order to transform information into desired form or project design requirements.  Computes costs for routine construction to estimate total cost of projects considering all required work and materials. Confers with City personnel to exchange information concerning projects at hand.  Answers questions from the general public relating to specific projects, problems, and general information.  Operates two-way radio to communicate from the field to the Engineering Division.  Performs other related work as required. 

Working Conditions:  Works in an office environment approximately 50% of the time and approximately 50% of the time is spent outside exposed to temperature extremes, dirt, dust, noise, etc.

Mental and Physical Abilities:  Mental/visual effort required due to sustained periods of concentration necessary for the design and layout of a project and the constant breaks in concentration associated with answering phones or speaking in person to citizen or staff requiring assistance.  Ability to maintain regular, predictable and punctual attendance.  Limited amount of physical effort required associated with walking, standing, lifting and carrying light objects (less than 25 lb.) 5-10% of work time.

Additional Information:  Selected applicant must pass background investigation and drug screen.

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