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Sanitation Recycling Center


The City of Norman has four self-service recycling drop-off centers. Norman's recycling program shows others that we live in a model community, preserving valuable resources for a quality environment today and for future generations. The City Of Norman requests your help in sorting recycling material in the appropriate containers. We are leaving all bins open for the convenience of our citizens in disposing of recycling materials.

Materials accepted: aluminum, steel and tin cans, corrugated cardboard, glass (clear, brown, green), newspaper, plastics #1 - #7, with some exceptions: Accepted plastics are #1- Beverage bottles; #2- Milk, shampoo and conditioner bottles, detergent and fabric softener bottles; #3-7-Juice, yogurt, dairy, margarine tubs, prescription vials, clean garden pots or flats.

Materials not accepted: Styrofoam, foil, pie plates, leftover food, Pyrex, window or plate glass, strings, rope, and other bindings, plastics that held oil, antifreeze, paint thinner, or pesticides. Blister packs or bubble wrap, plastic shopping bags, dry cleaning bags, plastic stretch wrap, automotive plastics, household or storage containers, hoses or lawn furniture, coat hangers or medical sharps (syringes). 

Chip board is now accepted being as long as the plastic liner has been removed.


  • Hollywood Shopping Center - McGee and Lindsey
  • Cleveland County Fairgrounds - 1499 N. Porter
  • Fire Station #9 - 3001 E. Alameda (no glass at this location)-re-opened December 2018!


  • Sunday thru Saturday - 24 hours a day