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Vivian Tenney

I believe that Greenbelts could enhance city health, enjoyment, leisure activities, and contribute to overall community attractiveness. Green, growing shrubs and trees can absorb carbon dioxide, making our air cleaner.

This is especially important as auto travel increases inside the city. Trees and shrubs provide habitat for wildlife that otherwise will invade city alleys and yards looking for food and water, without the control of nature's natural predators.

Green areas can be used to control storm water runoff, and serve as areas for walking or bike paths or parks at other times. They can also offset the heat generated by the acres of parking lots our city insists on, if placed adjacent to those areas.

Norman has previously been admired for its tree lined streets. Now, with the sprawl taking place, we need more than street trees to keep our city attractive. Greenbelts can serve as attractive dividers between residential and business areas, or between dissimilar residential additions, while providing the previously mentioned benefits.