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Oil and Gas

Chapter 13, Article XV of the City of Norman's Code of Ordinances regulates oil, gas and mineral production. The Code Compliance section of the Planning and Community Development Department is responsible for administering this section of the Code. As a part of those regulations, all currently producing oil and gas wells within the City are inspected twice annually for compliance with the City's regulations.

Below is an interactive web map that allows users to determine location of oil and injection wells in the City of Norman and examine the most recent inspection results. The map includes navigation tools and allows users to search by address. Users may choose among 3 modes at the bottom right of the map: basic, aerial, and zoning. Clicking on a well will pop-up additional information about the well including the well name and the Well_API, which corresponds to the API Number in the Oklahoma Corporation Commission's Well Data System. A link to the most recent inspection report may be assessed through the pop-up.

Click on image to explore interactive map of oil wells.