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O. Gail Poole

It is difficult to imagine anyone who would be anti-greenbelt. But I assume there are some who consider a bit of greenspace as an opportunity missed for erecting some sort of human construction as an example of their ability to improve nature's inept efforts. As I understand the history of New York City's Central Park, the efforts never cease to better utilize that magnificent piece of nature. Developers and Builders are endlessly arriving at some sort of scheme to take "just a tiny bit" of that priceless property and convert it to some altruistic public purpose with just a small portion reserved as compensation for the efforts and expense of the "donor".

It is with spine-tingling joy that I observe the deafening uproar caused among those dwellers of Gotham whenever any such contrivance is brought to their attention. The natives guard their eden jealously. We therefore are to gain some idea the value of such spaces in the nick-of-time to forestall the efforts of those who would brick and pave every inch of greenery right here in our own NormanTown.

God save the green. (With the help of us all)