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Karla Willis

Karla Willis is a member of the Norman Running Club.

I think everybody needs to interact with nature, and a greenbelt system will provide a better opportunity to do that. It will encourage physical activity and communication for families and provide a great place for them to go and do that.

One thing I thought of and mentioned at the Ward meeting is the possibility of having a marathon or some sort of a race that makes use of greenbelt, because it's going to be huge and offer a long distance, which is something we don't have in Norman. There's not anything around here like it. The idea of marathon would bring in revenue to the city and encourage tourism.

Running in Norman means crossing streets. The system will provide a safe place where you're going to interact with nature. That's what I like about a greenbelt.

I had no idea of what a greenbelt was until I attended the Ward meeting in November. I see it like a strip of land, maybe 50-feet wide or less, something encircling the city, hopefully cutting back on expansion and development. Norman's big enough.