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Building Codes

The Current Codes of the City of Norman include:

 Local Amendments2009 International Building Code including State and Local Amendments  (Effective December 12, 2013)

  • Appendix G-Flood Resistant Construction

Ordinance<br />
O-0910-72009 International Residential Code including State and Local Amendments  (Effective June 8, 2012)

  • Appendix E-Manufactured Housing
  • Appendix G-Swimming Pools
  • Appendix K-Sound Transmission 

2009 International Mechanical Code including State and Local Amendments

  • Appendix A-Combustion Air Openings & Chimney Connector Pass-Through 

2009 International Fuel Gas Code including State and Local Amendments

  • Appendix A-Sizing & Capacities of Gas Piping
  • Appendix B-Sizing of Venting Systems Serving Appliances Equipped with Draft Hoods, Category 1 Appliances & Appliances listed for use with Type B Vents
  • Appendix C-Exit Terminals of Mechanical Draft & Direct - Vent Venting Systems
  • Appendix D-Recommended Procedure for Safety Inspection of an Existing Appliance Installation 

2009 International Plumbing Code including State and Local Amendments

  • Appendix B-Rates of Rainfall
  • Appendix C-Gray Water Recycling Systems
  • Appendix D-Degree Day and Design Temperatures
  • Appendix E-Sizing of Water Piping Supply
  • Appendix F-Structural Safety
  • Appendix G-Vacuum Drainage System

2006 International Energy Conservation Code and Appendix

2011 National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) including State and Local Amendments

2003 International Property Maintenance Code including State and Local Amendments

2009 International Existing Building Code including State and Local Amendments

Other Codes Adopted by the City of Norman Fire Department:   

  • 2009 International Fire Code
  • Most recent Edition - Life Safety Code
  • 1997 Edition of NFPA-1 Fire Prevention Code

The codes listed above are available for purchase from:

ICC International Code Council
4501 W Flossmoor Rd.
Country Club Hills, IL 60478-5795
Phone (800) 786-4452
Fax (866) 891-1695