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Sales Tax: the Primary Source of Funding for City of Norman's Operations

Did you know that the City of Norman's day-to-day operations, like all other cities and towns in Oklahoma, are primarily funded by revenue from sales tax? That's because Oklahoma is the only state in the nation where cities dependly almost entirely on sales tax for general operations.

This is why it is so important to shop in Norman. When you shop in other metro area cities, you are investing in their police and fire services, helping to repair their city streets, and maintaining their city parks. We wanted to share this important information because many residents don't realize that shopping in other cities improves the quality of life in those cities, rather than here in Norman. 

What Can You Do?

  • Shop locally. Here's a printable flyer with great reasons to shop here and support our local merchants.
  • Shop with online retailers that collect and remit sales tax. If they don't charge sales tax, you report your use tax on your state income tax forms.
  • When you make a purchase outside the City of Norman, sales tax is paid on the point of delivery. That means if you purchase something (furniture or appliances, for example) and have it delivered to you in the Norman city limits, sales tax should be collected and remitted to Norman. (Check to verify that it is.)

How is sales tax in Norman distributed?

Here is a short, 90-second video that explains how sales tax you pay in Norman gets distributed and the ways it benefits our quality of life.

Here's a chart that shows how our current sales tax compares to last year as of May 2018. The general purpose sales tax remittance for the month of May (reflecting sales during March) was $4,808,097. This is an increase of $259,601 (+5.71%) over May, 2018 levels. Fiscal year 2017-2018 general purpose sales tax collections are now -0.24% below prior-year levels. The general purpose use tax remittance for the month of May (reflecting goods purchased outside of Oklahoma, for use within Norman during March) was $360,613. This is an increase of $87,203 (+31.89%) over May 2017 levels. Fiscal year 2017-2018 general purpose use tax collections are now 33.18% above prior-year levels.