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Stormwater Division


 is responsible for the management, maintenance and construction improvements of the bridges, culverts and their associated stormwater drainage systems. Stormwater exists to provide safe, well drained, durable streets, effective channel maintenance, mowing of right-of-way and responsive emergency services to all citizens of Norman and their visitors.


  • Provide for the management, maintenance of drainage systems for flood control purposes.
  • Respond to citizen requests.
  • Perform erosion control and removal of obstructions from drainage ways.
  • Maintenance of approximately 102 miles of storm sewers.
  • Provides maintenance on bridges and culverts.
  • Street sweeping is performed on major arterial and collector streets.
  • Provides emergency disaster response related to flooding, winter storms, severe storms and non-hazardous material chemical spills.
  • Provide right-of-way vegetative maintenance.
  • Coordinates rural drainage improvement projects with Cleveland County.

sediment removal  drift debris (after)  roadside mowing  Rural roadside mowing