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Recycle Norman

Dear Norman Residents,

Congratulations on being one of the most successful recycle programs in the Nation. In the last fiscal year we received 3,869.50 tons of compostable material at our award winning, state of the art, compost facility. This is a significant reduction in landfill use. All of the accepted material was redistributed to the public in the form of compost. Flowerbeds around Norman are testimony to the effectiveness of our compost program.

Last year we were able to collect 5,202 tons of recyclables from the curb. These are recyclables that you chose to place at the curb. Participants placed 30.32 lbs per month average in their carts, and 89% of you participated in the program. This is one of the highest participation rates in the entire country!

Not only were these programs successful, but you decided to place an additional 1,422 tons of recyclables in our drop off centers!

Commercial businesses added 1,041 tons to bring our total of diverted tons to 11,534.50 tons!

This is almost 13% of the total waste stream that comes out of the City of Norman.

Way to go Norman! 

For more information you can also go the Recycling Guidelines page. It is located on the City of Norman website under Utilities/Sanitation.

2017-2018 Recycle Calendar

Curbside recycling is provided to those customers with City of Norman water service.