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Profile for Kate Bierman

Councilmember Kate Bierman

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Political Science at The American
University in Washington, D.C., Councilmember Kate Bierman established
her home on the east side of Norman.  She
is the Senior Director of Public Advocacy for a public affairs firm that
facilitates connections between communities and their federal elected
representatives while serving on both a state non-profit organization and a
private philanthropic foundation.  Kate
credits the Norman Animal Welfare Oversight Committee on which she served for
two years for motivating her to run for City Council.

Ward One includes the area east of 12th Avenue N.E.
between Alameda Street and Lindsey Street extending to 48th Avenue S.E. and
between 12th Avenue S.E. and 24th Avenue S.E. with the west boundary being
Classen Boulevard and State Highway Nine being the southern boundary.

believes the diversity of people and land in Norman’s east side is its best
asset and will work to promote and grow the east side in a smart and manageable
way.  She is committed to improving CART
access on the east side, providing families with easily accessible facilities
and opportunities for children, and encouraging growth in Norman that reflects
the 21st Century society in which we now live.  She supports city-wide recycling, improving
multi-modal transportation, and growing a vibrant east side.

Councilmember Bierman also serves
on the Finance Committee and the Community Planning and Transportation
Committee.  She also serves as Council’s
representative to the Animal Welfare Oversight Committee.