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Center City Statutory Review Committee

The Center City Statutory Review Committee consist of the following: Mayor Lynne Miller, Chairperson for the City of Norman Council; one representative of the Planning Commission; one representative of the Cleveland County; one representative of the Norman Public Schools; one representative of the Cleveland County Health Department; one representative of the Moore Norman Technology Center; one representative of the Pioneer Multi-County Library System; and three members representing the public at large, at least one of whom is a representative of the business community in the City.

The Center City Statutory Review Committee shall review and make a recommendation concerning a proposed project plan including a potential increment district, consider and make findings and recommendations with respect to the conditions establishing the eligibility of the proposed increment district, and to consider and determine whether the proposed project and project plan will have a financial impact on any taxing jurisdiction and business activities within the proposed increment district and to report its findings and make its recommendations to the City.