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City of Norman Major Infrastructure Projects

The City of Norman is investing approximately $150 million in infrastructure improvements to enhance the quality of life in our community, including projects to upgrade our roads, bridges, sidewalks, waterlines, sewerlines, stormwater drainage, and much more.

Spring Clean Up Begins April 7

The residential Spring Clean Up begins April 7 just in time for spring cleaning! We will collect items that are not normally placed with household trash such as couches, mattresses, refrigerators and air conditioners (without the freon).

Rain Barrels Ordered Now Can Be Installed Before the Spring Rains

A rain barrel promotes conservation and saves you money on your water bills. You can use your rain barrel water to:

City of Norman ADA Self-Assessment and Transition Plan Update

An Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan was developed for the City of Norman in 1992. The City Council adopted the Transition Plan on May 11, 1993.

Sales Tax: the Primary Source of Funding for City of Norman's Operations

Did you know that the City of Norman's day-to-day operations, like all other cities and towns in Oklahoma, are primarily funded by revenue from sales tax? That's because Oklahoma is the only state in the nation where cities dependly almost entirely on sales tax for general operations.

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